2023 Beginner Beekeeping Class is Underway!

Delivered by VSBA Master Beekeeper Nate Muller and EAS Master Beekeeper Ann Fraser

We are excited to be able to deliver a brand new 2023 Beginning Beekeeping class this year.  The class, which quickly filled its limit of 12 students, is being conducted at South Lakes High School on Thursday evenings.  There are 8 sessions, including 7 2-hour classroom sessions and 1 culminating hands-on apiary session.  

The class covers:  

  • Bee biology and sociology
  • Proper beehive location
  • Types of hives, required equipment, and how/where to purchase equipment and supplies
  • Installing bee packages or nuc hives
  • Spring, summer, fall and winter hive management
  • Identifying, preventing and managing diseases and pests
  • Products from the hive:  honey, wax, propolis and pollen
  • Other topics to ensure success of a new beekeeper

If you missed this opportunity, no worry - we're planning to schedule another one as soon as we can!